Hello There!

I'm Michelle, a rustic inspired lifestyle photographer and blogger based near Toronto, ON. I hope you enjoy these little snippets of my life through words and photographs!

Intimate Forest Elopement

Would you believe that it had been pouring rain all day when this was photographed? I was spending each day prior, stressing about the weather and checking it almost every hour (HOT TIP: Don't do that!) The day of the shoot I woke up to a phone alert informing me that there was a 95% chance of rain within the next hour, all while I was listening to the rain pound against my window outside. At this point I felt I shouldn't stress anymore; this anxious energy wasn't going to help me, or change the weather. Instead, I started my morning as I always do and wrote in my journal about what I was grateful for that day. This time I decided I would change my anxious energy into positive energy and wrote " Whatever may happen, I will be successful and everything will work out!" Needless to say, I think my positive affirmation came through in these photographs and I learned a valuable lesson about setting intentions and keeping positive! 

Photographer: Michelle Liane
Second Photographer: Catherine Flanigan
Dress Designer: A.M.E.G Designs
Floral Design: Raindrops On Roses
Calligraphy & Art: Evelyn Barkey
Cake: Lipstick Baker

Muskoka Cottage Wedding - Robin & Jeff

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