Iceland Trip 2016

At the beginning of December, a group of friends and I took a spur of the moment trip to Iceland after finding inexpensive plane tickets online. We were lucky to find our little cabin in the trees, and rented our car for the week. This was my first European experience and it was such a surreal change of landscape from the regular flat scape that I'm used to. I would love to go back to Iceland in the summer months since our vehicle was unable to drive on the northern roads, plus those mountains have been calling my name! 

It was such an amazing experience to be able to see such ever changing landscapes, and to be able to shoot and go on adventures every. single. day. It was so encouraging and refreshing, and it was such a good way to end the year. I will never forget what we saw, or the memories we made while visiting such a beautiful place! 

Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory

The last time I visited the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory was when I was a child. I could never forget how beautifully lush, and so full of life the conservatory was and it definitely hasn't changed. When you first walk in the double doors, you are greeted by the fluttering butterflies as they fly above you. We lucked out and went on a beautiful sunny day, so the sunlight streaming through the windows added an almost magical glow to the whole room. There are so many different types of butterflies that you can learn about, and each one is unique in markings, size and even personalities! (The blue winged butterflies seemed very shy, haha!) 

If you've never been, I highly recommend you go! It's a great way to avoid the winter cold and get a mini taste of summertime. 

Local Finds - Seven Main Cafe


Since moving to Huntsville in January we have had the opportunity to try out new places for food, drinks and treats! One location that has stood out to me is the very delicious Seven Main Cafe in downtown Huntsville. It's a great place to go for a coffee date, to meet with a small group, or to grab a coffee and treat to go. It's peaceful and warm inside and is a great place to get some work done before lunch, or to read a book in the beautiful natural light from the large front windows. My favourite drink has been their vanilla latte, which I get with almond milk instead of regular milk. I'm usually guilty of never finishing my coffee or tea, but I can confidently say that I have finished my vanilla latte every time I go to Seven Main Cafe. There's a cozy rustic atmosphere inside, and the room usually has a constant buzz of friendly chattering from the tables. 

I really admire that they offer local products, like their coffee beans from the nearby Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co, or their selection of handmade jams and local maple syrups that they use on top of their house made belgian waffles. The cafe also sells take home desserts like pies, fruit crips, and loafs. The front counter has many baked goods to choose from like the popular breakfast cookies, muffins, bagels and biscuits.