| Muskoka Summer - Part Two |

As much as I love Six Mile Lake, visiting our friend's cottage on Skeleton Lake was a great experience. As a child, my Mom would visit her best friend's cottage on Skeleton Lake all the time. She has so many memories and stories from her visits up there, and amazingly the cottage she went to was down the road from where we were staying! 

It was a super busy weekend full of lots of driving, lots of work, and a little bit of relaxation! We drove up late the Friday night, but I had to get up pretty early the next morning to intern at a wedding in Barrie (which was so pretty!). Our friends truck had also broken down just before this weekend so Robert, Matt, and myself all drove down to Barrie that morning where I was dropped off. We parted ways here and the boys had to drive to where Matt's truck was being fixed. I later found out that they drove all the way across Muskoka to Six Mile to help Robert's Dad with some yard work, drove all the way back to Matt's cottage, and by that time, it was time for Robert to come back and pick me up.  (Thank you so much Robert!) 

Once we were back, Matt, Becca, Robert and myself sat by the huge campfire down by the lake. We stayed up for a few hours but we all ended up going to bed pretty early that night - except for Robert, who stayed up after everyone and played a little classic Gran Turismo. 

The next day I woke up pretty early by chance, and got up to look outside. A thick cloud of mist had covered the lake to the point where I couldn't see the other side. I quickly grabbed my camera, ran outside and was lucky enough to capture some of the photos below!  The four of us spent the rest of the day boating around beautiful Skeleton Lake, and I even got to take my (rather late) first swim of the summer! 



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