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Intimate Forest Elopement

Would you believe that it had been pouring rain all day when this was photographed? I was spending each day prior, stressing about the weather and checking it almost every hour (HOT TIP: Don't do that!) The day of the shoot I woke up to a phone alert informing me that there was a 95% chance of rain within the next hour, all while I was listening to the rain pound against my window outside. At this point I felt I shouldn't stress anymore; this anxious energy wasn't going to help me, or change the weather. Instead, I started my morning as I always do and wrote in my journal about what I was grateful for that day. This time I decided I would change my anxious energy into positive energy and wrote " Whatever may happen, I will be successful and everything will work out!" Needless to say, I think my positive affirmation came through in these photographs and I learned a valuable lesson about setting intentions and keeping positive! 

Photographer: Michelle Liane
Second Photographer: Catherine Flanigan
Dress Designer: A.M.E.G Designs
Floral Design: Raindrops On Roses
Calligraphy & Art: Evelyn Barkey
Cake: Lipstick Baker