Maid of Honour Duties | 6 Tips for the Maid of Honour

Bridal Party - Maid of Honour Guide

Next year I have the privilege of being one of my best friends’ maid of honour. I’ve known her since grade 9 and I couldn’t be more excited to stand by her side while she marries her man - it’s going to be such a beautiful day!

As a lifestyle photographer, I’ve shot quite a few weddings throughout my career and have behind-the-scenes experience that I’d love to share with you! So if you’re a maid of honour I thought it would be fun to create a little MOH guide for you before your best friend says I do. If you’re a bride it might be a good idea to read through to make sure you’ve picked the right person to be your MOH (wink wink)


1. Long before the wedding day, you will need to show your support to the bride by being there for her when she needs help deciding things for her big day. Wether its helping decide her colours, planning an engagement party, letting her share all her pins with you on Pinterest, or meeting up with all the gals for a planning sesh, once you accept your role make sure you live up to to the title.

2. Give her a gift. Sure, the day is literally all about the bride and groom, but planning a wedding can be STRESSFUL, and she definitely deserves a little extra gesture to show her that she’s important to you. I would recommend getting her something useful and something that she can pamper herself with. I found this awesome heart shaped ring dish from Little Things Favours that I thought would make a perfect functional piece for a bride to store her rings post wedding. To make it even better you can personalize the initials to match hers and her grooms! Little Things Favours also has a huge variety of personalized gifts so you have plenty of options. Along with this practical gift, I would also include some items she can pamper herself with like a bath bomb, lotions, nail polish, and snacks! (Can’t forget the snacks!)

Lace Wedding Dress - MOH Guide

3. Make sure you’re available for all the dress related matters that she needs you there for. Of course the wedding dress process is very exciting, but it can also become a little overwhelming. Be there for her and help her out by taking pictures of each dress she tries on, keep track of prices, and most importantly be open minded! Nothing is worse than an over opinionated maid of honour - it’s the bride’s wedding, not yours!

4. Be her personal assistant at any wedding related events. Engagement parties and wedding showers can be hectic, especially when the bride and groom are surrounded by all of their family and friends and not to mention all the gifts! You can help her out by sorting and keeping track of the gifts and cards, refill any food and drink at the events so she can mingle, clean up the garbage, and most importantly make sure she has something to eat!

5. Plan her an awesome bachelorette! I should add that this is a group effort, so make sure all the girls (or boys) are involved! Today there are so many great options out there for a bachelorette that don’t break the bank! Rent out an AirBnB somewhere new, go to the spa, visit a winery, rent a cottage, the list is endless! Just make sure it reflects the brides interests (and don’t forget the naughty decor! )

Happy Bride and Groom ©Michelle Liane

6. Finally on the big day make sure you give her your undivided attention. This is her day and she will need you to be there for her whenever she needs something. Organize everything she needs to bring with her to the ceremony, make sure she has water, food and possibly some Tylenol. I would also recommend making up a small bag of emergency items like pads, tampons, bobby pins, a small sewing set with pins and needles, and tide-to-go! Now I know it’s tempting, but as the MOH you must remain relatively sober before the reception starts. By all means let loose (safely) after they say “I do” but before then she will need you to be ready to help her with anything like wrangling the family and friends for photos, keeping the wedding party together and to help with any last minute details before the wedding starts!

Oh.. and don’t forget to have fun ;)

Let me know what you think of this list and if I’m missing anything! I would love to hear your maid of honour stories!

©All wedding photographs by Michelle Liane Photography