Love Your Everything

More often than not, self-love can be a daunting thing to wrap our heads around. Sure, we all know that self-love is made up of loving and being proud of our bodies which, don't get me wrong, is extremely important to the process; however, we sometimes forget that we have to love ourselves mentally too. Our thoughts and emotions, our reactions and ideas... we need to love those too. 

We have to fully embrace the positive thoughts, but also welcome the negative. We have to remember to trust ourselves during times of panic, when we feel like we don't recognize who we are, we have to trust and love ourselves above all, to find our way back to clarity. 

The process isn't easy and it takes a lot of practice, but learning to love your everything, whole heartedly, is the greatest gift you can give yourself - and I'm here to tell you that you deserve nothing but the best for yourself!