"Back-to-School" Essentials 2018

Though I may not be going back to school this year (already got my BAA baby!) I thought it would be fun to share some of the essential items that I would have taken to school with me. I definitely use these often while working and would probably die without them! (dramatic enough?)

Let me know what some of your back to school (or work) essentials are in the comments below! 

My new absolute favourite snack bars are the Probiotic bars by Welo. I suffer from a lot of stomach sensitivities, but these have helped me so much recently! A happy gut = a happy Michelle, thats for sure! They have multiple flavours to choose from, like my fave and a classic, Peanut Butter and Chocolate! They also have some options specifically for the kiddies as well so there's lots to choose from! I thought these would make an awesome addition to any lunch or could be enjoyed as a mid-day snack. Have you ever tried them? 


My bullet journal is my all time life-saver. Almost all of the notes and ideas I jot down are written in this book. It's also compact enough to put in any bag or backpack, so it's ideal for on-the-go work or studying. Since the pages are dotted, they're truly customizable for whatever your needs are, and each page can be designed for something different! I think these would be great to use at school as an agenda, notebook, or for simply organizing your life. There are so many awesome page spreads on Pinterest if you're ever stuck for a page idea too - the possibilities are endless!

I got my bullet journal at Chapters Indigo. 


This Micellar Water by Garnier is my holy grail necessity for my night-time skin routine. At the end of a long day at school (or work) I just want to get my makeup off as soon, and as fast as I possibly can... probably so I can give my eyes a good rub! This product removes makeup effortlessly and efficently. Since its no rinse, it's the perfect remover for gym class or school sports. All you need are some makeup pads and your good to go! 

You can find it here: Garnier Micellar Water


I'm not exactly sure what these guys are called, but I call them swirly hair ties! I just started using these and I can't believe it's taken me this long! They leave no bumps or creases in your hair so they're great for throwing your hair in a quick ponytail in the middle of the day, during sports or gym class, or when it's homework crunch time! 

My new favourite pants are these black track-like pants from Bench Canada. They're SOO comfortable, yet are still stylish so you know I would have been wearing these ALL the time while I was in college! They're easy to style and can be paired with a simple T-Shirt, or with a cute chunky sweater once this fall weather arrives.

You can find the pants at this link: Bench Black Pants

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